1-2 December 2018
Dublin, Ireland
Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland
About the exhibition
1. About The Idea

My name is Aleksandra Dolotova aka Alexa Dee and I am the main organiser of the event. Few years ago I was introduced to creative and magical world of teddy bears, and when they came into my life they stayed firmly. Therefore arranging International Handmade Teddy Bear & Friends Meeting in Ireland was just a logical decision that felt right. Us & the teddies are now on a mission to bring more miracles into Ireland. Handmade Teddy traditions are very close to Ireland and it’s people, yet they never had their own exhibition here. Teddy Mission is the only exposition in Ireland that specialises in handmade teddy toys. It will take place in Dublin right before Christmas, when everyone is looking for special gifts. Hopefully we can make it easier for a lot of people, by giving them some unique gift ideas and a nice way to spend a weekend visiting our exhibition.

2. About The Mission

1-2 December 2018 Teddy Mission will open its doors for all teddy fans in Ireland. First International Teddy & Friends Meeting in Dublin.
We are waiting for it with excitement and pride and inviting you all to join us.
There will be lot of interesting works to amaze you, made by international artists.
Special guests are also invited to attend, but the names won’t be announced until later. It’s a surprise.
Besides all that at the opening of Teddy Mission on 1st December @12pm a Christmas Charity Auction will take place. All money raised will go to Debby Deegan’s organisation “To Children with love.”

3. About Teddies

Teddy mission is not just an exhibition, but is a small fairy tale, inspiration and a trip into the world of childhood and teddy bears.
We sincerely believe that all people who love Teddies are good people and loyal friends who will never betray one another as they always keep that inner child alive. They let themselves believe in good things and magic. This is an endearing type of thinking. It is close to us, so we just want to make the world a little bit kinder and bring more teddies and miracles into it!

« When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself.» ~ J.Donald Walters

Exposition Menu
1 day

The Opening of first International Handmade Teddy Bear Meeting in Ireland.

1st of December 2018 Teddy Mission will open doors for its friends, teddy fans, lovers of handmade artwork and just to all the good people.
Our guests will be able to enjoy the works of many international artists from different parts of Europe.
12:00 – opening ceremony, champagne reception.

12:30 – 13:30 – fundraising auction to benefit Debbie Deegans charity “To Children With Love”
From 12:00 to 13:30 entry €20 pp or invitation only, places are limited.

You also can be a part of such a good cause, and purchase yourself a handmade teddy from one of our Artists, that will bring good and kind memories to you forever.

13:30 – 18:00 entry €2.50 or €5 with charity lottery (prize €100 teddy bear)

18:00 Closing of day 1

2 day

Sunday 2 December

10:00 – opening day two

14:00 – Golden Mission Award 2018 winners announcement

17:00 – closing of Teddy Mission season 1

Dear Authors:

On the 1st of December at the opening ceremony a Christmas charity auction will take place to raise funds for Debbie Deegan’s organisation “To Children With Love” If you wish to donate one of your works, please get in touch

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Elena Burgova

… Its all came together : my crazy love for animals, the opportunity to create something with my own hands, do what inspires me and most importantly – live by my own rules and on my own wave!

Elena Abrosimova

– Where to seek inspiration for new works? Everywhere. In books with good illustrations, great theater productions, natural phenomena … sometimes I even dream of bears. I think inspiration can be found in the simplest and most common things, the most important thing is to be able to see it.

Evgenia Zakerina

To me Teddy is not just a someting I do, it’s a my favourite hobby and work, it’s my perception of life and my life is fulfilled because of it. With every character I live through the story. Experience harmony and feel amazed, when from a piece of fur and sawdust a little miracle is born in my own hands.
Because of these emotions I want to create and keep going forward. My little teddy world is firmly placed in my heart.

Kseniya Moroz

I came into Teddy World from being a Puppet Theatre artist. These both professions are parallel to each other. When I see children coming into a Theatre holding a handmade toy, I straight away want to thank their parents for such a good upbringing!

Xenia Titova_600
Xenia Titova

In my teddy world I don’t have teachers, but I have people who guided me with their knowledge…

Anna Shmeleva

… As I wake up, I draw, finish details, color, make tea and dream. I dream that one day my plush friends will take me to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Munster to those who also doesn’t sleep, but dreams a draws ideas at night))). My teddies, elephants, rabbits are filled with love, warmth and butterflies. They are little dreams in the plush bodies.

Oksana Petrenko

Because of teddies my life is filled with so many interesting people and events, which makes me really happy. It feels like a new life for me…

Gallery Teddy Mission
Xenia Titova
Elena Abrosimova
Ksenia Moroz
Irina Vasileva
Elena Burgova
Ksenia Moroz
Anna Shmeleva
Evgenia Zakerina
There are only few participation slots left

Dear Authors:

To celebrate the opening of Teddy Mission season 1 participation in the contest is free.
5 Nominations and Awards.

1. NominationTraditional Mission:
* Best Classic Teddy
2. Nomination Compositional Mission:
* Best composition
3. Nomination Creative Mission:
* Most Creative Work
4. Nomination Stylish Mission:
* Most stylish Work
5. Nomination Public’s Mission:
* Publics Favourite Work



1. Nomination Traditional Mission:
        * Best Classic Teddy.
2. Nomination Compositional Mission:
        * Best composition
3. Nomination Creative Mission:
        * Most Creative Work
4. Nomination Stylish Mission:
        * Most stylish Work
5. Nomination Public’s Mission:
        * Publics Favourite Work
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Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland