International virtual exhibition of Handmade Teddy Toys - Teddy Mission

About Exhibition

The Teddy Mission exhibition welcomes authors and guests from all over the world and opens its doors in a new and very interesting online format. The special site was created in two languages – English and Russian. Oriented not just for residents of specific area, but to all developed coun-tries. This means that the exhibition is aimed for the world level, and that a lot of attention, love, funds and time are invested in the promotion of the platform. Each artist has its own section, where any visitor can leave their feedback and contact the artist directly. We do not take commis-sions from sales, so the authors have no interest in selling outside of the platform.

Teddy Mission welcomes all teddy authors, from the aspiring little stars to artists with experience and awards. Online exhibition Teddy Mission is a unique opportunity to gather a large number of like-minded people, talents, beauty and connect collectors with authors, on one virtual platform.

As in any exhibition, we have a division by categories. That is, traditional teddies will not be mixed with works from the composition section or teddy-dolls. Each category has its own section, etc.

The exhibition will take place from May 20 to June 21, 2021.

What is our mission?

  • To serve as a motivation and a chance to start for the young artists, to provide an opportunity for experienced authors to showcase their work and awards abroad, to connect with collectors in the comfort of their own home.
  • Go global by popularising the art of teddy.
  • To unite and support teddy artists around the world during this challenging time.
  • Bring more beauty, talent and kindness to people, by showcasing handmade art in the virtual world.

How do participants benefit?

  • New interactive platform, new opportunities.
  • Communication with like-minded people.
  • The opportunity to express themselves.
  • The ability to showcase and sell their works around the world without leaving the house.
  • Personal, name page for each exhibitor.
  • International diploma of Teddy Mission participant.

How do we see teddy world and Teddy Mission?

First of all, we see Teddy Mission as a celebration of creative hearts. For all those who create beauty and those who admire it. It’s an opportunity to unite like minded people in one beautiful virtual space.
We are deeply convinced that anyone who is in-love with teddies brings good, positive energy into the world. People who love teddies are good, loyal friends, incapable of betrayal. Keeping their inner child alive, they continue to believe in miracles, no matter what. Teddy authors create fairy tales with their own hands, therefore we confidently declare that the virtual exhibition Teddy Mission promises to be a truly bright and beautiful event, bringing only magical and positive emotions for everyone.
We really want this project to serve as a motivation and a new opportunity for many in such an uncertain time.

We are waiting for you all!

Registration in the exhibition

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